One of those nights

There were many nights when going to sleep would be the biggest fear he could face. Because some nights he would wake up thinking she was still sleeping next to him… And these few seconds between being dreaming and being awake would seem perfect.

Hard to catch

This is probably the shortest blog post I have written here. I just came back to Shanghai after a crazy weekend, one weekend where I got to see someone I missed a lot, got to spend some time with an amazing family that I honestly believe they care a lot about me even if we…

Maybe a curse or a blessing

Maybe I have been blessed or cursed with the need to travel quite frequently, for studies, for my job now and for friends and family. I could say blessed because I get to experience new cultures, see new landscapes and understand that, in a very humbling way,  deep down all humans have the same problems everywhere.…

El porque regresare a Madrid

He tenido la suerte de vivir en varios lugares, desde pequeñas pueblos donde todo el mundo se conoce y para ellos siempre seré una pequeña versión de mi abuelo o papá (aun si eres más alto que cualquiera de ellos), o en ciudades tan grandes que la sola idea de que compartes una metrópolis con…

Ink, paper and rhymes

There is quite a special feeling when you write a love letter, the ink start tracing through lines all those ideas and feelings you have in your heart, in your mind. Putting so much of what you think and feel in a simple piece of paper and hoping for the best.