One postcard at the time


What is the connection between a postcard, calls at midnight and a simple way to make you extremely happy? These and other random answers will be provided today! Also, welcome to my 50 post of my blog project… Thanks for reading it ^^

Something I really got into during these last 3 years (OMG 3 years, I have been living in China for 3 years!!!) is that I got used to always have a friend available to talk at any given time of the day. Sadly during those 3 years most of my friends have not been able to get used to the fact that when they need to talk I may not answer calls at their local times  since I will probably be sleeping… -_-u

Anyhow, one of those nights when someone woke me up with a call at 4 am (thanks flaca!)  and I couldn’t go back to sleep and I decided to use that time in a more useful way. 

Studying? Video editing at 5 am? Working out, you may suggest? No. I decided to start writing postcards to my friends, to my family and those people that have been around my life as a support or just at the right time and place. That day I wrote 30 postcards to people that one way or another helped me to be a better person or that just were kind enough to let me crash at their place, let me borrow some cash after I lost my wallet (or it got stolen.. We will never know) or we had a good talk at a Smash Tournament in Paris.

Up to this day I have sent around 300 postcards, in small batches of 15 to 20 at the time. Of those 300 I know that 25% of them never arrived to the intended final destination (I hate those stats) but even is that means I wasted a lot of RMBs and Brazil Reals in postcards that would never arrive I still believe the other 75% postcards that indeed made it are worth the whole process.

Why would you write them on ink and paper and not an e-mail?

Because when one of my friends tells me that the postcard got there at the right time to make them have a good week/weekend it makes me happy enough. Makes me realize that long posts, templates greetings (you know those, the ones that some people write in your Facebook wall just because) can’t compare to read the handwriting of your friends in a small piece of paper saying that they hope to see you soon.

Finally a few weeks ago thanks to a really cool friend in Boston (who also has a really cool blog) posted this link to an experiment conducted by Soul Pancake named The Science of Happiness, check it if you have time, and make me realize I write postcards because I’m thankful to having these random strangers, these friends in my life.

Because it’s easy to get lost in all these connections you make everyday, in everyplace I visit but when you meet one of those special persons you know it makes a difference a short message in a picture of old China worth the ink in you hands and the trip to the post office.

I’m still sending postcards once in a while and even if not all of them will arrive I will keep trying, as far I know that awesome moment when you get an unexpected postcard in the mail.

(Thanks for the postcards you guys have sent me)

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