A few things you may learn in 90 years

My Grandma, my lil sister and myself

My Grandma, my lil sister and myself

In the past I never wrote about my family in this blog, since the idea of the blog is to tell a little bit about things I do in China or wherever I am those months but it’s impossible to talk about me if I don’t talk about my grandma. By the time I wrote this she was going to turn 94 years old, she still had her own small store and every day she tried to make the most of it, she didn’t have to work but she did it because she liked it, she enjoyed the feeling of being engaged in something. And she was like that since always I can recall and even maybe since she was as young as any of us.

I never realize her actual age until I moved to Shanghai, she was active, fun and well, she didn’t look that old anyway. The last time I saw her before my first 24 hours trip she told me with a few tears in her eyes: I hope I will still be here when you get back. Yes, that completely cracked my #ImGoingToBeStrong attitude. But she was in Ecuador when I came back and ever since but I realize something, she is been here in this world almost for over a century and I still want to know more about her so I decided to type down all her stories for me, my family and maybe one day even my own kids and wife.
The first 3 I can recall always are:

  • She has been working since she was 19 years old by the age of 22 she was in charge of her own store and she bought her own pick-up truck, sadly she didn’t like to drive or wanted to learn and when she hired a driver, she also found a husband for one of her sisters. The first lessons she told me was: unintended consequences will appear in your life and is up to you how to react and hopefully, know make the best out of it.
  • She also had a boyfriend, her next door neighbor since she was 10 years old, but for A or B reason they never got engage. By now you probably guessed, he was not going to become my grandfather but this was the second lesson: If you want something don’t let it pass for too long. Life gives chances but it can’t stop the time. Also, that she was from a time where you try to make things works if you believe the are worth it.
  • She was the head of the family for her sisters and brothers and there was a time she almost didn’t get married because of this but someone close to the family told her that: Yes, everyone has responsibilities towards family but there is always a time you must to search a reason to be happy and follow that. Things will go well.

I talked to her those days, and as usual, she was positive and made me smile with some advice. So I will share them with those who read this, mostly because I think these can help and that I know this made her happy. So even if I can’t kidnap her anymore (I actually stole that phrase from her, she used to say that when she wanted to tell me that no matter what I could always be with her) because she didn’t like to travel in her last months, I stayed with her for a few weeks and I will write a little bit more about her because she is a big part of me, of my whole family and the best way to make her smile is to do crazy things, good things and (even if she rolls her eyes) be ridiculous while I tell her my crazy stories of China and you guys.

PS: I know right now I need to edit this post but… I’m way too tired. Maybe tomorrow when I post the Spanish version 🙂

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