When a bridge burns down



What I was looking that night (2014-06-14)

If you are reading this, well I guess you care or are interested in my life one way or another. This post is a little more personal and if focused at something that just happened a few hours ago. 

So you are still reading after the first paragraph… So I guess you do care haha (Thanks for reading then)

When you draw a path for your life you must remember that you may have a main goal but all the details are written in the sand. So here I am, single again and well, considering how to deal with it. Of course, first I need to heal, to understand that things are no more. There is no anger left, no bad feelings just hope for a better tomorrow that I will built myself, with the help of you guys. I do hope for a better tomorrow for the other person too because after all this world can only be a better place if we have a better understanding or at least we help everyone no matter what.

Sadness can be many things, it may hurt, it may sting or it may feel like a void in your chest but at the same time is also a way to realize that after all we can’t fight everything alone. This was the case for me, during the last 2 days I thought it was too much, the way I felt but I also got so much support from my family, so many friends that the only think I can say is: Thanks. I will be ok sooner than later. Things may happen for a reason but still sucks haha. 

I will keep my path and try to make things better, my research, the sports projects and those promises I made 11 years ago are still in place, I will be positive for every event.  One day I will talk about it, maybe to those who have been talking to me for a while, after all it took almost 5 years for my best friends to know all my bad times 🙂

Anyway, valar morghulis… valar dohaeris. … raqagon morghulis too

PS: Thanks everyone for the words and concern, just in case I can’t do anything since it was not my decision and the reason why I stopped the stories in the other blog has to do with her not feeling the same way (it happens). In any case she deserve to be happy, because she is a good person. I don’t know if she will ever realize what she was for me and why I thought I was worth fighting for.

PS:PS: This post was “unlocked” again since a one of the friends that helped me back then has has passed away. I feel at this point in my life there is no problem with having this online again. Thanks for reading guys. 

5 thoughts on “When a bridge burns down

  1. Be strong gatinho, she doesn’t know what she is missing. I will introduce you to the other cheerleaders and they also like videogames.


    • Hey… Well I love you guys too. And don’t over think about the other person, I will be ok . I hope you drop by to SH or I will go to Tokyo

  2. Flaco, sabes quete amo muchisimo. No estes triste y mas importante que nada no dejes de creer en el amor. Y es verdad lo que comentas, todo el mundo tiene derecho a ser feliz. Esperamos verte pronto y te mandamus un abrazo

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