The Dragon Test // El Test del Dragon

Dragon sketch

Dragons everywhere

If you got to know me during the last 8 years you know about this topic because if we were cool place or having a relax conversation you may have heard me asking you about dragons. This post is about a small test I created upon my arrival to Madrid and today took me to an unexpected place.

Yes, I know, dragons are cool so it’s normal that people like to talk about them but I wanted to do something else, maybe not something new but that something that would help me learn and apply about others while having a weird conversation.

The Dragon test is quite simple and it goes like this:

Consider that you get to choose your own dragon, but you only have 2 options. You can choose a big, red dragon that is so big that you can actually fly on top of it. The second option is completely different, is a small blue dragon that you could keep in your pocket and actually spits fire.

What would you choose?

I know, it’s kind of weird and doesn’t makes too much sense. Where do I keep the big one? What about food? Will I have to buy a new insurance that covers fire hazards? What if I forget the tiny dragon when I do my laundry!!!?

The test was designed (or just drafted) to see if people project some of their desires in crazy tales of dragons. And guess what? They do. Out of all the people I have asked that question over 98% have told me that it makes sense. The idea is quite simple, people that are in an adventures moment in their life will choose the red dragon. They usually want to have more fun and experience new things, amongst them freedom and in some cases they needed to eat a lot haha. The other group that would choose the small and tiny dragon are in a calmer lapse, they are looking or want to be with people they care or they want to know someone is looking over them. A big hug and some comfort were key things they wanted. Or maybe they liked to smoke so they would have a cool lighter. The funny thing about this test is that during last week while I was waiting for a meeting someone next to me was asking that question:

  • What dragon would you prefer? I want to know

I found quite interesting the whole idea of something as simple as the idea of choosing a dragon would travel outside the small groups of friends with whom I shared it but it made me smile. It made me remember about Madrid, the answers, the new questions some gave me, the ones that wanted more than those two options. In general hearing that question made me smile with all the memories and now I wanted to share the test with all of you, even if I don’t know you in person. Thanks!

So guys, what type of dragon would you rather choose? Even if it’s a completely new type

3 thoughts on “The Dragon Test // El Test del Dragon

  1. Oh, no lei este. Ese test nunca lo hicieste conmigo. Deberias ser psicologo flaco. Si pudiera elegir quisiera uno parecido al Hungarian Horntail de Harry Potter pero en version pequena.

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