The Writer, the Thief and the Wizard


The Writer

Where am I? …. CLANK!.. What?!

He was chained and the worst part is that in the back of his mind he knew there was a reason for it.

«Try to remember Mike, try to remember why you are here and how did you end up chained»

Mike tried to shift his position and direct his eyes to the only source of light in the room. A tiny window above him was the only way to be sure that he wasn’t blind.

He laid back and waitied fora few minutes until he felt a flash of images comes rushing trough his eyes, or maybe it was only his brain trying to act or make him do something.

A flower, a hand, a fall, a key?… Darkness…

-Damn it- He remembered.

This was a BIG problem and the worst part was that he was the one that got into it. On the bright side he knew how to escape, on the grim side he knew that was going to hurt a lot.

– Come one, wake up- he said loudly

Somewhere in the darkness he felt something else waking up and the growl he heard was a bad sign.

The Thief

Why do I have to be the spotter? — She though

«I mean, I know it wasn’t my idea but I am as skill as any of the others and just because I’m not from Terra doesn’t mean I don’t know to act»

The night was grim, some nasty clouds where decending over the city and she knew that was bad news.

«Alpha here, we have a tiny problem, we may need to reconsider our escape route, over»

«Delta here, 10-4, keep an eye on the guardians, we will let you know which route to take in 10 clicks»

– Jeez, that is useful — she said as she turned off her head set.

This new clan was different but then again she was new in the city and there are not a lot of job postings around for “thiefs” in the main databases. Not the ones that can be trusted anyway.

The rain was pouring hard, she felt more water over her head in those 9 minutes than ever before in her life. One of the advantages of living in a costal city, she though. Free showers and no need to worry about a heat wave.

But the last part was a lie, a loud bang and a bright flash made her lose her grip. And losing her grip is usually bad, but doing so over 200 floors above the ground level was «I can’t believe the day I’m having» type of bad.

The heatwave arrived automatically, a guardian was here.

«Alpha here, now we have BIG PROBLEMS, we have a noisy guardian and it seems he is a G2 or even G3, over»



A loud explosion and some shattered glass made her react.

Route A is impossible with this rain and clouds, route B is compromise by that freaking guardian and Route C and D are only possible with the Delta team.

«This can’t get any better» She murmured while she detached from her spot and waited for the next thunder to happen.

The Mage

Why I am doing this? Well, I know WHY, but more important than is why did I decide to use this ridiculous suit?

The lights went off, he stepped in the middle of the stage and waited.

A loud bang, the smell of gunpowder and people clapping it was all he could sense.

«Ladies and gentleman! With you, the one and only Mystery!»

A louder round of applause and even a few flowers were throw at the stage.

«Flowers? That is new» He thought.

Any type of vegetation was extremely expensive in a place like this. After all he was doing this because he needed some place to stay that would have some water and would stand a heatwave for the entire day.

«This city is a living hell» he said quietly while he started.

«Thank you all for being here, is my pleasure to travel this far just to be with the people of Thermina»

He knew people here would be easy to fool but the hard part to be a real mage with actual powers is to make them look fake enough that people or even the guardians would start asking more questions.

«Let me tell you a story, a story about to lovers in distant places, at distant moments in time» he opened his hands and showed 2 rocks, one black and one red.

«Like this 2 rocks, our two lovers couldn’t be more different but then again…» A quick movement, a clash between the two rocks and…

«It’s said that love and hate are powerful forces that can always find ways to change things»

Now there was one new rock, a much bigger rock that couldn’t be hidden in his pocket or even anywhere in the stage.

«My beloved people from Thermina, let me tell you about the tale of The writter, the thief and the mage»

This is a short tale/history I wanted to write for a while. I finally started over the summer and now I will try to keep writing it for the following years, or I hope to finish it sooner haha. I know there are a few mistakes but I will hire an editor haha. Any comment always helps! Danke!


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  1. You could definitely see your expertise in the article you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who
    aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

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