A seeker, a snitch and a plane to Nairobi

Seeking and enjoying the view

While the title is not as catchy as usual (most may ask: when was it catchy?) it shows a little bit of everything that is going on in my life. And just let me say that each word in the title has a reason. Ok, Nairobi is very obvious but just let’s keep going.

Seeking more

While this last year I have been going up and down around China and Latin America, and even a short stop at the northern part of the continent most of what I have been seeking is in the web. My research, or at least the first part of it is related to education, sustainable development education in developing countries, and every day I manage to talk to someone in the field, when I read about successful cases in small cities it gives me a little bit more hope, getting the data, the access to key experts is always hard but this keeps you moving #SeekerLife.

During this whole time I must admit there has been time I wanted to jump into the practice, to just start working and learning more in the field but I know I have invested all this time and I want to make a contribution with the information I am going to release.

Also as any good seeker knows, having the support of a good team always helps, you guys has been very important during these years + being next to similar minded people do makes you want to be better.

The Snitch

Shanghai and finding that snitch

Do you know that feeling when you take off and you go around the field, eyes wide open, trying to win the game at the right time, looking at the whole picture?… And then you see it, that golden, fast moving, goddamn small snitch and your just accelerate and go towards it. And there is nothing more, you just want to get it. Because it’s calling you and that is the only thing you want. And you do it… And you feel the luckiest person in the whole world. 150 points! The Cup! ….

Wait, what? What do you mean you have never play quidditch? (Instagram is your friend if you are thinking WTF)

Jambo Nirobi!


Well, yes. I’m going to be living in Nairobi for a while 😀 // I will come back to Shanghai (you are no going to get rid of me so easy), so don’t worry I will not change the name of the blog.

I will post a lot more details as soon as I have my plane ticket (I’m waiting the green light from my university but I should be there before the 17th). I will be working with the United Nations Environmental Programme at their South-South Exchange Programme. If possible I will write a lot about when I get my new responsibilities but in the mean while you can check what they do at the moment: http://www.unep.org/south-south-cooperation/

There will be an update this Saturday and I gives you a heads up. The pictures to be uploaded may be not PG13 O_o

#Whaaaaaaaaaa Any ideas what would it be? Anyhow, “there are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other” AD-HP

What goes around comes around

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