Stories from within: Kibera Slum

Kibera Rain Source: KiberaStories

What if you could be the person that sparks a revolution? What if a picture could tell the how things changed? This is the story about Bryan Jaybee’s project, the story of a journalism student, of “a young man with a dream, a mission and a passion. Telling stories of the place I was born and bred – Kibera slum- in pictures and in captions”

Images from the biggest slum in Africa

Nairobi and Kibera Source: KiberaStories

Kibera slum has been said to be the home to 350,000 people (or maybe 1 million based on certain estimation by the UN-Habitat), making it the largest slum in Africa. But while this is just a number for most people, for Bryan they were thousands of stories to be told. And KiberaStories would became the window to show what happens there every day.

Born out of his passion for photography and what Kibera means to him, Bryan started shooting everything that he came across ,no matter if it was good or bad, with his camera phone. The objectives over limitations.

In October of 2013 he started a Facebook page to his photos with relevant captions of the stories he saw, he posted the first  KiberaStories. One year later, at the beginning of 2014, there was a big increase in traffic over his pages. He realized there was interest by others, there was a way to keep this project going on.

Kibera Profile Source: KiberaStories

Bryan said that “The feedback has been amazing… I have made and met some really good friends from the internet” Reading comments by a lot of people that the impact about Kibera Stories has been a constant motivation. “At times I would get an email of someone asking me if they could help me in any way with Kibera Stories” and he expects to fulfil his dream of a complete gallery of dreams and hopes.

The reality in Kibera

Posing for his portrait Source: Kibera Stories

“There was a time a received a very long comment on one of the pictures I posted on Instagram and this person was asking why I always highlight the ‘downside’ of Kibera… Truth is that Kibera is my home and I live there until this very moment, and Kibera as I know it is a highly impoverished area lacking quite a number of facilities but some people wouldn’t just accept that fact in general. But then again there are some good parts too that usually pass my way and I fail to highlight them. My mind is usually set to tell stories mostly affecting the typical slum dweller in Kibera. But all the same the Kibera I know is one where a toilet can be shared by over 200 people. The Kibera where garbage trash is dumped in any open space available. The Kibera where, when it rains it leaks heavily inside your houses. So I usually don’t just highlight the bad side of Kibera and people should get rid of that misconception. These are the kind of stories we grew up with and I have seen minimal change take charge in action”

The Road Ahead

Source: KiberaStories

The road to Kibera

KiberaStories is over 1 year old. And while one of the objectives of him is to “make it through exhibitions and other major publications and media platforms”. All the passion and all the energy that is being put into practice are very rewarding but his dreams is to expand this world of one storyteller to many more.

Bryan wants to teach the kids in Kibera the basics of photography so they can tell their own stories, with their own pictures. A short article was published looking for any type of cameras that could be donated (You can find the article here). If you want to donate, offer any type of feedback, be sure this project has a great person behind it.

At the end of the day if you wants to help in any way I would encourage you to follow his accounts:

Every like counts here, they will help to raise awareness about what happens in Kibera, with his project or similar, it will mean that we are not so blind to this and similar problems that happens in every major city in the world.

This project is a way that may take Bryan to greater heights, seen him in the future covering stories from all over the slums of the world. And you can do it to, all that is required is some passion, some drive and giving a hand in any way you can. If you can to collaborate with him you can reach him over here:

Today for me it was this post, what about you? What can you do?

Different perspectives about Kibera from The Economist: How this can be the most entrepreneurial place in the planet and Shanty-towns may be more of a trap than economists thought


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  1. Great article Flaco!!!
    I will see how I can send a old camera I have. By the way, who is the girl at your instagram picture????? Your girlfriend!!!??

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