The design within the design

As a way to celebrate that X amount of people have been curious enough to click 20000 times my personal website I will write down the history of my last 2 tattoos. Probably not the most interesting thing that happened to me this last month (I could write about: Escaping a toxic relationship, being stabbed in the back, meeting “famous criminal”, or projects related to a video-game company) but is something that some friends asked me about a few times this month.

Let’s start from zero:

Shaping my life

While my first tattoo was related to someone I didn’t have the chance to meet while growing up, it was someone that left a big print in my family, my grandfather, and for my next two tattoos I wanted to have a design of two special ladies that did mark my life while growing up and they still do. Aurita and Celeste, my two grandmothers.

The design within the design

The first thing that you may notice about the tattoos is that both have similar designs, a triangle inside a circle with a few smaller signs and a symbol on the side of it. The idea behind this was a transmutation circle. A design that helps transform/shape an object / matter / energy force into another one. For more information about this PLEASE watch this series: Full Metal Alchemist (Or ask me for it I have it and I’m willing to share it 😀 )

At this point I had a basic idea, I designed a rough sketch of what I wanted but a lot more was missing. It didn’t feel right to do it or I never found the last push to go and get it done. The design was incomplete. It was not a perfect transmutation circle.

After a few years where I think I had an easy-going life a series of events reshaped my life during the last summer, most important than anything one of my grandmas was really sick and this showed me that you can avoid certain things all you want but sooner or later they will catch up. After this I went to stay with her for a few days, we talked a lot and gave me some really cool ideas and histories (like the ones here). Finally things were falling into the right place.

The design became a lot cleaner, simpler and that felt right:

  • The transmutation circle was still there. The base for the whole design.
  • The final type of triangles were added, one representing a Triforce and one representing the deathly hallows (stay with me I will explain more if you are not a geek)
  • The smaller circles containing the Sun and the Moon are to represent both of their names. The moon containing the C of Celeste and within the Sun an A can be seen (the top flare and the bottom two have thicker lines) for Aurita.
  • Finally the three signs around the triangle are a little bit more private but represent events that I had to go though. Moments in my life where certain beliefs helped me a lot.


So there you have it. One tattoo representing one grandma that gave me a clear picture on how education can change the lives of many people and at the same time would let me play enough videogames to be happy at the end of the night haha.

The other one represents that grandma that will share her books with me and tell me so many stories, a grandma that help me a few times to heal my heart and gave me my first Harry Potter book.

Both of them are still with me and I have learned to enjoy every second I have with them.

Finally something extra or really special for me was having someone that also marked my life the day I decided to get them done. She made me become a better person (and I think I’m still improving) in the few months I was with her. And even when I was away… But that is a story for another day. Who knows, maybe I will write about it here or maybe it will be better to tell you the story when I see you guys in person.

Finally, thanks to everyone one that check this website. Friends or not ^^ Usually is an extra motivation to put some of my ideas in words.

See you around !

One thought on “The design within the design

  1. Hola Alejito, me encanta leerte jajaja aunq sea por este medio me mantengo al tanto de lo que haces, que chevere conocer la historia de tus tatoos, tus abus deben estar muy felices… Ahora si tengo preguntita, planeas pintarles a tus tatoos mas adelante? Un abrazo Alejito, sigo esperando mi postal, pero ahora creo que se cambiara de direccion a un lugar mas cerca de China… Un abrazo y beso gigante, espero verte algun dia…

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