To move or not to move, is (not) the question


In a previous topic I did talk about the advantages, problems and fun facts about moving a lot. While I packed my things and moved over 24 times and called 15 cities “my home” in past 30 years, somehow I am (still) not tired of changing scenario, maybe one day I will, but today I want to talk about the good things I have learned along all the miles I wandered and the people I had met.

New friends = + Adventures = – Energy


It’s true that it can become so tiresome to meet new people, of investing time to connect with some other being that you know it will eventually say goodbye is dreadful. This could be with the random stranger that you met and you helped out and wants to talk, or with that someone that you know you share a special connection the moments you touch hands for the first time…..  But then again you wonder if you have enough energy to go over those emotional roller-coaster that new connections could mean.

Chances comes (easily) only once in your lifetime… But to gain them back you will have to work your ass off


MANY times in my life I let that happen without regretting it, mostly because I was an extremely shy person until my fifteens, or maybe it was at my seventeens… Ok, I definitely know I became the outgoing guys you know today when I moved to Spain and I had to face my fears and learn to stand up again… but that is the story for another day.

Emotions are usually stronger than my brain :/


To move or not to move, is not the question… Because even if many times during the last 3 years I said:

This is over, no more. I’m tired of meeting new people and saying good bye, I’m tired of moving and having to find a new home.

I still find myself talking more than I should, sharing more than its expected and caring to a point where I do wonder if I chose the right career in life (I should have been into psychology haha)

Time + Distance – Energy = Filter the good things in life


Living in all the places gave me SO many special friends, some with whom I have been able to share my best times and my worst as they come, with some of them I only talk once every year but we still have that special connection and even those that one day could have been my least favorite person but after a long time we talk again.  I guess that if I did my math and added up all the friends I made and I compared to the ones I keep until today a lot of people may say that I did a poor job. I think the closest group of friends, the ones I still talk, the ones I still can lean are in the low 30s… And that is with all those cities, all the stories, all the trips and more… Ok, maybe even the lows 20s. But there is a bright side! Wait!

Good > Many


One study conducted by Harvard during 75 years showed that “… over and over these 75 years, our study has shown that the people who fared the best were the people who leaned in to relationships, with family, with friends, with community.” And even if I had bad times I know I had you guys. That may be why I don’t look my own age haha (Maybe more when I let my beard grow)

Once in a while you have to be by your own… but then you will comeback

And that is the bright side, this is not about the excitement/fear if I move or not.. This is about still telling you guys that even when I’m away for a long time I do miss the times we had. That those random messages I usually send are a way to keep that connection (horcrux if you may) and also that even if sometimes I do feel tired of moving or meeting new people the risks have always been worth it.


The next days I will be out of the grid. I don’t know if I will have my phone or even if I will be able to talk. If anything send my family will know how to reach me… I think I am taking steps towards a good year haha Anyhow, thanks for reading these ramblings. I guess this is a: Talk to you soon.

At the end of the day the question is: When will I see you again?


PS: I will be back to Quito this Friday 15.

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