Our last story

The following is a concept I started working during the last month, even if “romantic” narrative is not my thing we had some fun with my grandma talking a little bit about her stories, mine and some mutual friends haha. Today I decided to release the draft before I leave Ecuador, if you read all and have any comment just leave it below or over DM. Thanks everyone and I hope I will see you wherever I end up.


Chapter 1 -A Sad Ending-

There he was, laying on a small bed in the middle of nowhere with a book he knew was going to have a sad ending.

-Great -he said while reading once more the text message he got – this is going to be a long ride – sight as he opened the book where he left.
The reason why he was reading the books was still a little bit confusing, even for him. It was a gift from someone that had marked his life. Someone that left a lingering sensation in his heart and had lasted more than he could even believe. But she was gone now, where? He couldn’t tell, they haven’t spoken in many years but all the clues directed at her.

Even if the book was too popular among girls he knew that she would have been the only one that could tease him about a romantic story and him being a bad influence. But while she always mocked the idea of him being bad for her or anyone, the fact she was away and he found peace when he was alone were more than enough reasons to be sure he was right. That and that dark past he was still trying to fix.

But right now this book was going to help him stay awake a few more hours, at least until the doctor arrive. The past weeks had been rough, a lot more than he expected for this time of the year. His job was becoming tedious to the point he considered quitting, he had to stop training or any type of physical activity because his doctor was afraid he could have a relapse and that could be catastrophic, and on top of everything, the person that was sleeping in the bed next to him had almost died in his arms.

The sound of a big trailer pass by made his mind wander to the old days when the highway would be alive all night long and he would be just a kid trying to sleep.


– Grandma, I can’t sleep. It’s too loud- he said to her while he was standing on the edge of her room.

– Come here- she said with a hint of a smile – The sound of the highway is as loud as it is in the morning when you are reading or playing your games but right now you are focusing just in the sound that the cars made –ended with a calm voice

– Maybe… But I can’t fall asleep because the cars keep coming at different times and I can’t even – he stopped when he saw her open one of the drawers and took out a gift – What is that? – He asked with a sense of curiosity and happiness

– This is something I wanted to give you for Christmas but since you are already 8 years old there is no need for you to wait for Santa – she told him while she was handing him over his gift

– Oh, come on grandma, I know it’s one of my uncle’s workers that dress up as Santa every year. I mean, Santa is not that dark or skinny, you know? – He joked with a smile

– I know, I know – she replied -but your cousins still doesn’t know that so keep that secret for me, ok? Now, let me know if that will help you go to sleep now –as she handed over the gift.

As he was opening it he realize it was a book, it had the weight of it, and the hard cover but wait… The tiny font of the title gave the hint it was THAT book, but how? It was not going to be out for a few more months, not at least in Spanish.

She could read him as well as he could read her – I know you wanted to read this series and this is the last one as far as the clerk told me, it’s in English but it shouldn’t be a problem, right? – She finished with a smile

– Grandma! – He sprinted to her and hugged her as hard as he could – Thanks!-

After that he ran back to his room, turned on the lamp and ended up reading until the last thing he could hear was a trailer passing by without even bothering him.


Suddenly he was back in the present. He looked at her and went back to his “new book”. But now this book wasn’t going to help him fall asleep but for different reasons, the main character, a troubled boy from one of the dangerous families in town had fallen in love with one of the uptown girls, who of course was a free spirit and found her peace with him. Ok, he could see some resemble with the main character, being quiet and more interesting in engines than anything else. Some flashes of her also appeared in his mind while he read about the way she acted around him.

– I can see what you are doing here- he thought with a mix of happiness and sorrow

It was a bittersweet feeling reading how the main character started falling for her in an unexpected way, how their first kiss was a cliché over another (in a small park, in the middle of the town, at sunset) and how when they started walking back their hands met and they crossed their fingers unconsciously and he never wanted to let her go.

He stopped there, folded one corner of the page and put the book next to the bed. Where was she? Did she really sent him this book? Did she even remember him? Part of his brain knew that she could be the only one that would do that but at the same time it was his heart the one that wanted to block this though, because his heart had learned in the worst possible way that there were no happy endings for big love stories.

He shook his head, stood up and walked towards the window. A storm was coming and the doctor was going to have a hard time getting here.

It seems a lot of his stories always had sad endings. 




9 thoughts on “Our last story

  1. Latin drama uh? Love your blog man, you should definitely visit us again. There are some MM for you and your Sheik.
    Keep it real Casanova

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