Bruises and scars


While bruises are there to remind you about a painful event, about a bad idea or even just because of bad luck, the fact that you have a temporary and visual reminder in my skin was quite a interesting notion for me since I was a kid. That has not changed, during the last month (or to be more precise during the last 45 days) a lot of events did leave a mark on me. While this will be a post that I only plan to keep visible for a few days, the pain has been real but as anything in this life, everything fade and you learn to heal.



Finally accepting that my grandma is not on the other side of the line when I call her took me a while, maybe I will always remember her phone number because it’s the one I called the most my whole life. But now I have changed the time it took to make those phone calls to her for the time it takes me to write short stories about memories we shared or those that I know she would want me to share, I had to switch from taking pictures I would love to show to her to capturing those I think are good enough to share with everyone else (I have never been too confident about my photography skills) and about caring, because the way she would care for me, my family and everyone in her life cannot simply disappear from this world so I hope to do a good job and make her proud while I care for those that are important for me:)

It was painful but her memory will live on.



When you have someone that is bigger than the environment where he interacts, when is such a good and kindhearted person that has a smile for you even when things looks grim and hopeless, that is willing to do anything in order to help the whole group and not only focus on his goals, you are having the incredible luck to know an angel in this world. There is no other way to describe the importance of this. While I had some rough times in Shanghai a few times a good friend was this for me, in those short talk on the way home, he would tell me the right thing at the right moment and wouldn’t let me fail. And he was like this to everyone else too.

After an unexpected event and one of the longest weeks in my life a friend from my football team passed away, just 10 days after my grandma. He was young, way too young to say goodbye.

Pain came like a torrential rain in spring.



An event bigger than anything I could write down. Right now Ecuador just experienced the worst natural disaster in its history. And it will be a long time until it goes back to normal. Right now Ecuador needs all the help we can get.

Many friends have collaborated with some projects and donations, if you want give a kind hand to my people you can help at the following links:

Thanks! Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazon.

Overall not the best time in my life but there are some highlights, mostly the support from many of you. Some that have been there since I was born, some that I almost gave up at one point of my life and then came back with bright smiles and silly words, and others that even if they don’t believe how important it has been their support I can say that these bruises I have are not as painful anymore, that some may be just temporary and even if some of them leave scars I hope soon enough I will become a slightly wiser and tougher version of me.

Keep smiling ^^



4 thoughts on “Bruises and scars

  1. Lamento mucho lo de tu abuela y de tu amigo… Han sido tiempos difíciles, en Ecuador también lo estamos sintiendo… Pero la vida continua y no nos queda mas que luchar… Un día a la vez… A pesar de las marcas y magulladuras que nos deje la vida… Si algo hemos aprendido del football es ha recibir fuertes golpes y volvernos a levantar… Un abrazo fuerte desde tu lindo Ecuador….
    Con mucho aprecio y cariño,
    Coach Paúl…
    PD: Espero que la experiencia de ser arbitro haya marcado tu vida También… Pero de manera positiva! Jajaja

  2. This writing has such a warm and painful, elegiac, quality. In honor of your grandmother, your friend, and Ecuador, you should not erase it, even if you feel compelled to take it out of the public eye. You have a gift for language. Don’t hide it.

    • Hi Vellissima,

      Thanks for your kind words, I will considering keeping the post online, in any case I always have a small backup on ink and paper. I read some of your posts, I’m glad you enjoyed Ecuador and I hope you also keep writing about your adventures.

      Thanks again for reading this ^^

  3. No se si este año nos quiere marcar o de por si la vida adulta es difícil de enfrentar ahora. Más duro que perder a alguien es no poder despedirse…me paso hace poco, y estar lejos de Ecuador en un momento tan complicado lo hace sentir a uno impotente. Aunque estuvimos allá mientras pasó nos fuimos en pocos días hemos visto horribles noticias estando lejos. Ojalá nos pudiéramos teletransportar, pero por ahora te mandamos un abrazo virtual. Annie y Memo

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