Maybe a curse or a blessing


Maybe I have been blessed or cursed with the need to travel quite frequently, for studies, for my job now and for friends and family. I could say blessed because I get to experience new cultures, see new landscapes and understand that, in a very humbling way,  deep down all humans have the same problems everywhere. It could be also a curse because you have to say goodbye way too many times, more than the ones I wish I had do to, or it distance you from people that once were close to you. In any case it never gets easier.


One new city, one new vlog

I have been trying to be consistent with vlogging but at the same time I have been trying to be a LOT more honest and the last 4 months have been ups and downs in my life in SO many ways.

1st of all, THANKS to all of you guys that helped me when I was down. 2nd of all, Thanks to those that pushed when I was down,when I was trying to get up (lovely and a real class act but at least I know what to expect) 😀

Right now I’m in South Korea, a country I never expected to visit, as a main destination at least. This came as a project. While this is a short project I can say it came in the right moment. Shanghai was being too much for me in certain ways.

Sleep City and Seoul


Suwon and Seoul have been such a great surprises, a mix between a satellite city (or a Sleep city here) and a big metropolis that is well organized, well connected and honestly, extremely fashionable haha.

Even if I have not been able to explore a lot I have been feeling at peace while I have been walking, maybe a mix between cleaning my mind and heart or just because everything here has been so well organized. Everything has been just right.

Reset and continue


And after this, after a few more weeks I will go back to Shanghai. To my new apartment (YES! I have my own house and it’s coming along), to my new job and with some amazing friends. I will be more constant with my vlogs and blogs. Fun fact, I almost have 100 subscribers in YouTube (and I have no idea why haha)

One of my bedrooms will be just for editing and photography so you guys will see more.

I will reset some projects, considering that I think they are worth it. I will continue some that actually have been such a great surprise and make me feel happy 😀

Something I learned a while ago and saw over and over again here:

“Be surrounded by people that makes you happy and try to make you smile”

This world is such a harsh place. Don’t waste your energy in things that doesn’t bring you a smile. At the end of the day your happiness is the main goal in your life ^^

Anyhow guys, I’m off to sleep

There will be short videos at my SC (zaiChina) and the pictures will be hosted in Flickr.



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