Hard to catch

This is probably the shortest blog post I have written here.

I just came back to Shanghai after a crazy weekend, one weekend where I got to see someone I missed a lot, got to spend some time with an amazing family that I honestly believe they care a lot about me even if we are not related (even if the grandpa coff coff) and I am finally settling down in Shanghai. 

10 day ago I came back from Seoul, then one week in Shanghai and then 4 days in HK. It was a bit consuming, I had so many mixed feelings about that city but when everything seemed like it was falling down I went to the bay to take some pictures from the skyline. (So original, right?)


But there, on the side of the pier there where a group of old/young fishermen. One of them caught my attention, he was just staring at the bay, a lot more calm than the others.

I approached and without speaking (since my Cantonese is non-existent) I gesture to my camera and then to him. He smiled and nodded but also made a gesture about keeping it quiet.


I stayed there for a while, taking some pictures of the whole scene, of his process, sinking in some ideas too.

Before leaving he told me something, that one of the younger guys tried to translate for me, as far as I can remember it was something like this:


“I have been doing this since I was young like you, now there are many lights, many distractions but it’s the same, the same action of fishing, of feeling the air and waiting for the right moment”

“Thanks for waiting too, I hope things look better (talking about the pictures?)”


After that I ended up walking a bit more and came back to Causeway Bay.

Right now that applies to my life too, I have been here before, maybe now there are other distractions but I know what to do, and sometimes the best thing is to wait.

All the pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/gallery/zmKe3


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