A New Decade (31 years old)

First of all, thanks!

I know I had plans to update this more frequently but as you can see that didn’t happen.

If you are in Shanghai I will try to organize something this weekend (since today I am still recovering from being sick -.-) , if you are not in Shanghai we will catch up whenever I head to your city (sooner or later it will happen)

As this new decade starts (officially I have 12 more hours until I turn 31) I will update a bit on what is going on with my life.


That month I was living in South Korea

PhD ups and downs

I have been working in my dissertation, getting some feedback from some teachers back home and trying to set a better schedule for the next months. I will be honest, it’s going so-so haha BUT I will get it done, now I have some more motivations and less stress ^^


That decade that was a bit longer than expected

A (Chinese) football life

Probably one of those things some of you still don’t understand a lot why I am so into this. I will just say that football here in China was the best way to cope with the good and bad things of living away from your family, helped me meet amazing people and stay fit*.

Right now we have an upcoming playoff game , that means: Win or go home.

I trust my teammates and this time we will execute everything perfectly


That weekend I went to Beijing just for 15 hours for a football game

A roller-coaster that only goes up

While the past months had some “bad” times I can say that I have become more resilient to all the problems you may face when you are away. From losing people to feeling lost. I can only say that I have been trying to be the best version of me and that I’m thankful for the help and support from all of you, even if I am not online as much anymore, I do know/feel all your support

Horcruxes and promises


That moment I realize you must focus

Well, that is a whole different story… I will talk about that next time




One thought on “A New Decade (31 years old)

  1. !!!Handsome!!! Muchas felicidades hoy. Te extraño mogollon, te veo en Shanghai pronto, prontito. Escribeme, ¿va? Se te ve muy feliz con tu novia, muy muy guapa.

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