The evolution of American Football in China

American football in China has been growing exponentially during the past 8 years. This growth can be traced to its beginning in 2011, with 2 adult teams. All the way to this 2018 and over 76.


It lasted less than a second. (Sent) It lasted less than a second but clicking that button was a split in time. Rare are the times I regret something I write, but that night even if I rewrote it over and over again I was not happy with the result. I hated myself, I hated…

Cada pieza y cada momento

//La Historia de los LEGOS// Un solo LEGO no es muy útil,  tener dos posee un poco más de sentido porque al menos puedes unirlos y hacer algo, pero una pequeña cantidad de ellos sirven para crear uno de los mejores regalos (o de los más irónicos) que le puedes dar a alguien que amas…

One of those nights

There were many nights when going to sleep would be the biggest fear he could face. Because some nights he would wake up thinking she was still sleeping next to him… And these few seconds between being dreaming and being awake would seem perfect.