Protected: Bruises and scars

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Ink, paper and rhymes

There is quite a special feeling when you write a love letter, the ink start tracing through lines all those ideas and feelings you have in your heart, in your mind. Putting so much of what you think and feel in a simple piece of paper and hoping for the best.

– What is best for her –

This is the 2nd “Chapter” of the story I started writing with my grandma. After the last update some events happened but I will keep writing them. A little bit of her stories, mine and a few crazy ideas here and there should make it work. Thanks everyone for the support so far. Best, Alej…

The design within the design

As a way to celebrate that X amount of people have been curious enough to click 20000 times my personal website I will write down the history of my last 2 tattoos. Probably not the most interesting thing that happened to me this last month (I could write about: Escaping a toxic relationship, being stabbed…