The Writer : Chapter 2 – More than a promise

Sketch for "The Writer"

Sketch for “The Writer”

There he was, recalling the last words he had said before darkness surrounded him. He was completely sure he was smiling while he said it, after all… at that moment in time everything seemed really clear and as a very good idea.

The last words he remember saying were:

– I do, I promise – And yes he was smiling, now he knew it for sure.

A curious thing about memories, at least the ones that will stay in your mind for the rest of your life, is that you may not know or realize how important they are at that moment that you are creating them. But this memory, this moment in time wasn’t like any other. At that time he knew that he was going to remember that moment for his whole life, for a completely different reason but he knew he was creating this memory, he was actually aware of it. He was a mess.

A small growl made him move.

– Are you finally awake? – Ray said with a smile again

He could sense her eyes piercing through the shadows. She was not happy. She was not happy at all. And he knew she had reasons for it, after all she have tried to stop him before all this mess have become evident.

– I am sorry, I really mean it – His smile was fading while as he tried to move. – I promise I will get us out of this… Eventually-

She growl in a slighter softer tone and he knew she was still angry but she knew he didn’t mean it.

Suddenly he realize that there was a very breeze coming from above. Ray turned his head back and to the right (a damn habit he had) and stare at the ceiling for a few moments. That day was also a windy day he remember. He closed his eyes and started fading into one of his dreams.

« 3rd Full Moon day of the new calendar-Lupios Mansion.

The music is quite loud, all the aristocrats are trying too hard to agree with each other to actually have a real conversation and the food is … Ok, the food is quite good, I will give them that much, but I still don’t understand why I have to be here. I mean, I’m just a small time writer looking for a job. And this doesn’t look like your standard job interview by any means.

– Ray! Let me introduce you to the General Xin, he is one of the most important political advisers from Madam Raevion- Peter said quite loudly. But Peter wouldn’t be Peter if he wasn’t loud.

– Nice to meet you General Xin, I have read some of your opinions about international relationships. They are quite… interesting considering that we have over 3 million refugees in our country at the moment-

– Nice to meet you too, Mr. Burgouire- the General said with a fainting smile while he puff up his chest- But I’m…

– Sorry General, it is Black. Burgouire is the man standing next to you- while I point at Peter, whom is blushing so much he is attracting stares from other groups.

Quite ironic, since he has been in the room every single lady has been talking to him or letting him know how attractive he is and now he blushes with just a small comment.

– I am sorry Mr. Black but as I was saying, if you are talking about the article where I talk about the problems of mixing our culture with other nations, I think the attack from last week is a clear example why she should be cautious about that, don’t you think?- And he smiles

<<This is going to be a long night>> Ray though at that moment..

/// This is a series of small ideas/drafts I have for a short book I have been wanting to write so…. No comments at the moment haha/// Thanks for reading!

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