The LEGO’ Story

//The Lego Story//


A simple piece of Lego is usually not too useful, two of them makes a bit more sense because they can match but a bunch of them and a little box can make the best or the most ironic gift ever for someone you love…

This is a short story of something I made long time ago for someone that I loved very much, and an idea that was quite simple but is up to this day one of the ones I am quite proud, because it symbolized what she meant for me, what I wanted for us.. And even if today I’m single again… I can sincerely say that back in that day I believed so much in the meaning of that.

Open it

I had this idea, it required some Lego pieces (probably less than 15?) a small wooden box and a piece of string … Oh, and a piece of paper inside of it with a small note, all this for her. She was someone quite special for me, even up to this day that we may have taken different paths but back then… Back then she was the only one.

I placed the Lego’ pieces in the box, set an old style knot around it and kept it in my bag. After spending the afternoon with her, laughing, being silly or just being together I decided to give the box to her.

She was a bit surprised but she kept smiling, that was a good sign.

She opened the box, and found the tiny Lego pieces, she was puzzled but even then she kept smiling and then she found the note, below all the pieces.

She read it, she look at the tiny pieces of Legos. She sight a bit, kept smiling and held my hands.

Inside the box, under the Legos, in that little piece of paper, I wrote:


“Let’s build something together”

The Irony

The irony was that a few minutes before we entered a Toy Store and there I was looking for some Lego sets and then she said:

“Oh, I never found it fun to play with Legos”


After that I kept my plan in motion, of course I was nervous but I did hope she would see it as a small sign as me being in love with her. Of me hoping that we could, eventually built something together, maybe it was too soon to think about a whole future but at least back then it felt perfect to build more memories.

(Name and places have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved)

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